Found Object Photograms & Cyanotypes at UArts’ Summer Institute!

Local artist Joe Hocker and frequent re visitor used an impressive assortment of objects he picked up at the store to make photograms and cyanotypes with high school students in a UArts’ Summer Institute photography class. A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive (including hand sensitized) material.  Many of the objects the students used to create the shadow images came from our bulk bargain section of the store and included pom poms, shoe polishers, toys, vials, and other odds and ends.  Photograms and cyanotype are great introductions to the photographic process and provide … Continue reading

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Steppingstone Interns visit The Forge Recycling Facility!

Today, Will and I (Tyiana) visited the Forge Recycling Waste Management and Recycling Services. I don’t know what I expected before we got there. I guess I was picturing somewhere much cleaner and maybe greener (not sure why). But upon arrival, we were not greeted with the recycling symbol plastered on the side of the building, but rather the smell of trash trucks. Still, I would choose 10 times again to visit the center. I was able to get a firsthand look at what really happens once your trash and recycling are picked up. I saw the separation (by hand) … Continue reading

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PVC pipe raft 4

Zac’s PVC pipe raft

Recently more and more customers have found some great ways to use the PVC pipe donation we received in the spring.  This, we have to say, may be the most innovative so far!  re customer Zac was generous enough to share both photos and a short video of his DIY river raft, which floated on the sealed 4” PVC pipes! Check it out: “The raft could hold almost 1000 lbs and the total cost was $148. It was built with pipes, soda bottles, glue, tape, plywood, and giant zip ties! We floated down the Susquehanna river for several hours on … Continue reading

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