Audrey Jakab Community Partnership School 2

The Resource Exchange + Community Partnership School

It’s Back to School time, so we thought we’d share another great example of how local art teachers have inspired their young students with our low cost reclaimed materials! Audrey Jakab at Community Partnership School : “Thanks so much for being a place of recycling materials!  I think what you’re doing is fantastic and I’m spreading the word about you!Here are two examples of my first grader’s artwork.  They are self-portraits with a pet after looking at Frida Kahlo’s artwork: And thank you Audrey, we think what you’re doing is fantastic too!

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lauan shields

50 Henry IV Army Shields??

Yep, we just got 50 lauan shields made for Henry IV: Your Prince And Mine in this year’s Shakespeare in Clark Park.   They also donated the rough hewn wooden benches under Henry in this picture, all of which sold in one week (including one that’s on it’s way to a film set in NY!)     photo by Kyle Cassidy

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Emily Schrag wedding frame

reMade Wedding Gift

Emily Schrag made a beautiful, custom picture frame as a wedding present for a friend by adapting a frame and reMade lauan letters from The re. The letters add a great personal touch and give new life to our salvaged lauan, a lightweight plywood often used in theater sets that is derived from endangered rainforest trees. Home made gifts are the best gifts and upcycled gifts are even better!  Coincidentally, the Bride used to work with our partner Revolution Recovery!

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