Kit's chalkboard

Reclaimed Classroom supplies for the Thea Bowman Women’s Center

Kit Horan, Director of the Thea Women’s Center, found an inexpensive chalkboard we saved from a film set to organize the thoughts, ideas, and activities at their wonderful day center that “aims to create a network of women in the Kensington area from all walks of life”: WE LOVE IT! It saves me the from the constant interrogating of what’s for lunch? What are the meeting topics this week? What’s my chore for the day? When’s our next yoga class? It is the center of communication and announcements for Thea. The ladies also like to write positive quotes on it to inspire … Continue reading

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Parent Infant Center-Tamara Clark 1

The Resource Exchange + Parent Infant Center

Want to see what local teacher and re customer Tamara Clark did with our low cost fabrics? “A few weeks ago, I bought a giant bag of ribbon, yarn, buttons, and fabric for our teacher in-service day. It was fantastic! So glad you guys helped make it possible!” The Parent Infant Center’s In-service days “included a training focused on deepening children’s connections with nature inside the classroom. Research shows that making meaningful connections with nature promotes the healthy growth and development of a child in areas such as, increasing focus and concentration, promoting a sense of peace and calm, and … Continue reading

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The Resource Exchange receives Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant!

We are proud to announce that The Resource Exchange received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts PPA Project Stream grant! The award will help support our reCreate Program which was started to promote creative reuse in the arts. We do this by featuring the work of one artist per month who uses reclaimed materials in our store gallery space, by organizing one free or low cost  workshop per month that focuses on creative reuse, and by tracking, sharing, and writing about customers who creatively reuse our materials in the visual and performing arts. Stop by our in store gallery and … Continue reading

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